Sonabai Another Way of Seeing

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Stephen P. Huyler

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Paperback with free DVD
Mapin Publishing
Territory: USA & Canada
Size: 7.5 in x 9.75 in
Pages: 128
Illustrations: 178 color

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  • The book and its accompanying DVD are supplements to the exhibition by the same title held from July 25,2009 - April 04, 2010 at Mingei International Museum, San Diego
  • The story of Sonabai is that of self-empowerment and creativity that grows within the confines of an oppressive environment
  • A brilliant combination of text and images which document the entire process of her unique art form, from its conception to the present day art that it has inspired
  • Of special interest to artists and people interested in Indian contemporary folk art

The art of Sonabai Rajawar is entirely unique: it has no precedent. Sonabai's story expresses the capacity of human beings everywhere to meet their challenges head-on and to draw from deep within their inner resources the strength and insight to change their lives.

Sonabai found ways to transform her oppressive environment into expressions of courage, beauty and joy in living. Although her artistic voice was singular, her message was global.

Sonabai is one of the self-taught artists of India, a country where encrusted traditions overlay one another in a complexity that defies full comprehension. She created an entirely new artistic expression, an art form never seen before in India, a world of color, light and whimsy all her own.

Foreword; Preface; Puhputra; Sonabai; Legacy; A personal view; Acknowledgements.

Stephen Huyler is an art historian, cultural anthropologist, photographer and author conducting lifelong survey of India s art and crafts and their meanings within rural societies. Huyler's photographs have appeared in many exhibitions, including those he has curated at major museums internationally. His most recent book Daughters of India was well received.