Golf The Bible of Golf

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Paul Skellett and Simon Weitzman

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hardcover, non-returnable
Wonderland Publications
Territory: USA & Canada
Size: 11.25 in x 13 in
Pages: 585
Illustrations: 250 color, 190 b&w
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  • The world's only illuminated book on golf; sure to appeal to non-golfers and art lovers as much as those who are passionate about the game
  • A never to be repeated First Edition
  • Hand finished, leather and gold bound and gilded

"'When Simon & Paul asked me to review their book Golf they told me it s their interpretation of golf and its history. My thoughts before seeing their book 'what could anyone do differently to the other 100s of golf history books that have been written since Everard's Golf A Royal & Ancient Game 120 years or so ago?'

Boy was I mistaken with my first thoughts! When I consider that this was their first golf book it is an amazing piece, not only of good literature but of the shear elegance and quality of the product. By the use of modern technology, wonderful contemporary artwork coupled with wizardry of modernising old images; the both of them have created a masterpiece Golf: The Bible of Golf The book and its price will not be to everyone s liking; but this book will outlive any pair Jimmy Choo shoes or the latest Burberry Handbag and will go on to make a sound investment. Nearly 600 pages of golf that has taken 5 years to put together, I can understand the hard work these authors have put into their endeavours. The book has won several book accolades and it is thoroughly deserved." Graham Rowley, Old Sports Auctioneers.

GOLF: The Bible of Golf is a rare and beautiful illuminated fine art book that tells the story of golf through both inspired visualization and thought provoking (and often humorous) editorial.

It takes us on a painstakingly and lovingly detailed 18 chapter, 585 page full color journey through the past, present and future of this great game, unveiling the enthusiasm, excitement and influences that have shaped it. It looks at how we have crafted the game on the landscape and how we are compelled to think our way around.

The tome has been described as a modern masterpiece and a treasure chest, delivering golf firmly into the arms of popular culture. In a world of disposable information, this hand built heirloom and literary treasure is an investment for anyone with a passion for books, ingenious word craft, unique and intuitive art - and of course, a love for golf.

Paul Skellett has 20 years experience in leisure brand design, art direction, special effects and fine art. His artwork has been exhibited in London and Tokyo. He is also a passionate player of the sport.
Simon Weitzman has 20 years experience in network television direction, short story writing, script writing, producing and editing. He is a keen artist and amateur golfer.

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