Tel Aviv Food. People. Stories. A Culinary Journey With NENI

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Haya Molcho and Nuriel Molcho

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Pages: 280
Illustrations: 146 color, 2 b&w

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  • The Vienna-based Molcho family opened Neni, their first restaurant, in 2009. Today they have nine locations throughout Europe
  • Tel Aviv is beautifully designed and photographed - a spirited culinary adventure in the city second only to Jerusalem as a tourist destination in Israel
  • Over 65 recipes show the range of multi-cultural influences, ingredients and flavors that characterize the cuisine of Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is colorful, cosmopolitan and modern; a city full of contrasts, fragrances, stories and flavors. It is a vibrant melting pot of cultures, religions and delicious culinary traditions. Successful restaurateurs Haya Molcho and her four sons take us on a journey to meet Tel Aviv's local chefs and story-tellers - from the epicures and the urban forager, to the magician and the survivor - capturing the special spirit of the city's many cuisines and inhabitants. Haya revisits the recipes of her home town, re-creating the flavors of her childhood: knafeh, green shakshuka, sarma, Israeli paella, pickled lemons and much more.

Vegetables, Grains & Legumes: Sabich, Sarma and More
NENI's Basic Components: What We Always Have at Home
Meat: From Shawarma to Curry
Sweets: Fruit, Ice Cream, Biscuits and Cakes

Haya Molcho loves to cook and to travel. Born in Tel Aviv, she relocated frequently and was always on the move - with her parents as a child, then as an adult, alone, and later with her husband, the mime artist Samy Molcho. On her travels she experienced the cuisines of the world and developed her unique culinary style: typically Israeli, yet also international. In 2009 she opened thefirst NENI restaurant in Vienna's Naschmarkt with her sons, Nuriel, Elior, Nadiv and Ilan. The idea of bringing Mediterranean and Levantine food culture to Europe's cities was a success: today there are NENI restaurants in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Zurich, Vienna, Amsterdam, Mallorca and Paris, as well as a cooking school and product lines.

What the press have said about this book...

“enticing…The Molcho family’s tantalizing culinary look at Tel Aviv will transport readers.”Publishers Weekly

“The gorgeously produced Tel Aviv: Food. People. Stories……celebrates discovery….The inviting images…are so illuminating and life-affirming that you might fantasize about stepping into them, like a hungry bibliophile’s looking glass that transports you to another realm.”Forbes

"What I real love about this book are the stories that go along with the recipes and we all know that the best way to get to know someone is to have a meal with them. We get shared food, shared stories and shared fun reading this." - Reviews by Amos Lassen

“Think of the most welcoming family-style dinner you’ve ever attended, where the variety of flavors on the table was matched by the warm hospitality of the hosts and guests….[Tel Aviv] is an exciting tome that encapsulates all that is Tel Aviv food culture…Each recipe is accompanied by striking photographs…as well as information on the history and importance of each dish, plus narratives about the people [the authors] met along the way.”Woodbury Magazine