The Essential Marilyn Monroe Milton H. Greene: 50 Sessions

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Joshua Greene

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  • Including over 100 never-before-published images, this archive immortalizes Marilyn at the height of her beauty and fame
  • 400 photos, a large percentage of which previously unpublished
  • Photographs of Marilyn Monroe in various settings, from swimming pools to ballerina dresses, can finally be viewed as originally intended
  • Taken by Milton H. Greene and restored by Greene's son Joshua, these photos document not only Marilyn's ability to light-up on camera but also the effort Joshua dedicated to restoring his father's work

Milton H. Greene (1922-1985), famous for his fashion photography and celebrity portraits from the golden age of Hollywood, met Marilyn Monroe on a photo shoot for Look magazine in 1953. The pair developed an instant rapport, quickly becoming close friends and ultimately business partners. In 1954, after helping her get out of her studio contract with 20th Century Fox, they created Marilyn Monroe Productions, Inc. Milton and Marilyn were much more then business partners, Marilyn became a part of the Greene family. By the time their relationship had ended in 1957, the pair had produced two feature films, in addition to more than 5,000 photographs of the iconic beauty. There was magic in Milton and Marilyn's working relationship. The trust and confidence they had in each other's capabilities was on full display in each photo.

Greene passed in 1985, thinking his life's work was succumbing to the ravages of time. His eldest son, Joshua, began a journey to meticulously restore his father's legacy. A photographer himself, Joshua spent years researching ways to restore his father's photographs as well as cataloging and promoting Milton's vast body of work all over the world. As a result, Joshua established "The Archives," a company committed to the restoration and preservation of photography. After spending nearly two decades restoring his father's archive, Joshua Greene and his company are widely regarded as one of the leaders in photographic restoration and have been at the forefront of the digital imaging and large-format printing revolution.

Now Joshua Greene, in conjunction with Iconic Images, presents The Essential Marilyn Monroe: Milton H. Greene, 50 Sessions. With 280 photographs, including many never-before published and unseen images, newly scanned and restored classics, as well as images that have appeared only once in publication, Greene's Marilyn Monroe archive can finally be viewed as it was originally intended when these pictures were first produced more than 60 years ago. These classic sessions - 50 in all - cover Monroe at the height of her astonishing beauty and meteoric fame. From film-sets to the bedroom, at home and at play, Joshua has curated a lasting tribute to the work of a great photographer and his greatest muse.

Poignant and powerful, joyful and stunning - these breath-taking images of an icon stand above all the rest and The Essential Marilyn Monroe: Milton H. Greene, 50 Sessions will sure to be a book that will become the platinum standard in photography monographs.

Milton H. Greene, was one of the earliest and best photographers working in the early days of color photography. Outside his outstanding Monroe images, he has worked with a plethora of other celebrities, from Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Audrey Hepburn, to Grace Kelly, Marlene Dietrich, Dizzy Gillespie and Judy Garland.

What the press have said about this book...

“A new book published by ACC Editions shows some rare and never-before seen images of the starlet that showcase Monroe's personality. From the red carpet to the movie set, Marilyn Monroe always lived a glamorous life. The photographs, taken by Monroe's friend and photographer Milton H. Greene, were restored by Greene's son and captures scenes from the actress' everyday life”.Houston Chronicle

“With The Essential Marilyn Monroe by Milton H. Greene: 50 Sessions (ACC Editions), out Oct. 16, Joshua believes he has assembled a definitive collection that represents his father’s collaboration and friendship with the iconic star. The Essential Marilyn Monroe features images, ranging from candids and studio sessions to on-set photography while Monroe was filming 1956’s Bus Stop and 1957’s The Prince and the Showgirl (both films were produced by MM Productions, a company Monroe and Milton Greene formed in 1955).”The Hollywood Reporter

“The Essential Marilyn Monroe gives us a glimpse into her world of high fashion and film sets via photographs taken by her close friend Milton H. Greene.”Elle Malaysia

“In a new book titled The Essential Marilyn Monroe, Milton Greene’s original photography of the icon have been restored and retouched by his son Joshua Greene. Making for the ultimate coffee table book, the end result is a beautiful collection of vintage portraits showcasing the many sides of Monroe.”Harper’s Bazaar

“In an impressive photo book containing over 400 shots of the film icon (over 100 of which were previously unpublished) by the late celebrated fashion photographer (and former confidante of Monroe) Milton Greene, the veil to the real Marilyn Monroe is lifted just that tantalizingly bit more. These images in The Essential Marilyn Monroe: Milton H. Greene, 50 Sessions, are originals that were digitally restored, scanned, and put together by Greene's son Joshua.”ELLE Singapore

“In The Essential Marilyn Monroe, out Oct. 16, Greene's son Joshua Greene has restored and compiled some of the best photographs ever taken of Monroe in her prime. In these portraits she's captured in different settings (at home, on set, in bed and at play), but there is one common thread: her sultriness and sense of fun." –People

“If you're in search of a new coffee table book (of epic proportions), then you're in luck. The highly-anticipated book, The Essential Marilyn Monroe, will officially be available for purchase come Sunday, and in its pages, you'll find over 250 stunning (sometimes never before seen) photographs of one of Hollywood's most iconic stars—Marilyn Monroe”.Who What Wear

“…These photo sessions are the subject of a new book, The Essential Marilyn Monroe, Milton H. Greene: 50 Sessions. The photos were a collaboration between photographer and muse, a dynamic that shows in the range of photos from posed studio shots to candid photos with other personalities including Marlon Brando, Lawrence Olivier and her husband Arthur Miller." –Time Life

“Marilyn Monroe will always be remembered for that iconic white dress moment, but there are a number of lesser-known images that are just as stunning…taken from the new book The Essential Marilyn Monroe, published by ACC Editions.”Cosmopolitan UK

“That’s what makes The Essential Marilyn Monroe so exciting; Milton Greene—Monroe’s friend and producing partner—reportedly photographed her more than 5,000 times and a new book by his son Joshua Greene shares not only classic images but a selection of never-before-seen shots. It’s a rare treat to see new photos of one of the world’s most visible women, and a true pleasure to see them from a photographer with Greene’s talent."Town and Country

“There is a new one that is, in large part…stunning. It is titled “The Essential Marilyn Monroe: Milton H. Greene: 50 sessions” (ACC Publishing), which includes nearly 300 photos taken at such places as the set of the film “The Seven Year Itch” and in a swimming pool, hotel room, cocktail party and next to a tree; with such people as Marlon Brando, Maurice Chevalier, Edward R. Murrow and Sammy Davis Jr.; and featuring such items of clothing as a gold dress, white robe, gray fur and V-neck sweater." –Chicago Tribune

“Joshua Greene remembers the movie star, and his sometimes babysitter, while sharing new images from his father’s collection. The Essential Marilyn Monroe, coming October 1, features 284 photographs, 176 of which have never been seen. The book includes photos of Monroe, Marlon Brando, Sammy Davis Jr., Marlene Dietrich, Milton Berle, Edward R. Murrow, as well as at her 1956 wedding to Arthur Miller.”Vanity Fair

“Classic and Never-Before-Seen Photos of Marilyn Monroe.”CNN

“This collection of photographs is captioned with brief, essential background information that chronicles Milton’s and Marilyn’s relationship from their first shoot for Look magazine to her time spent as the family’s houseguest to her marriage to Arthur Miller”.Interview 

“Discover never-before-seen photos of Marilyn Monroe taken by Milton H. Greene, restored by Joshua Greene.”Dujour

“The Essential Marilyn Monroe: Milton H. Greene, 50 Sessions is the must-have book that every Marilyn fan has been waiting for”.Cellophaneland*

“Marilyn Monroe comes to live in breathtaking, unreleased pictures.”Harper’s Bazaar Australia

“Images of Marilyn Monroe are so pervasive in American culture, it's hard to believe there's anything out there that hasn't been seen a million times before. But every once in a while, a new photo of the Hollywood icon emerges, reminding us once again that a combination of vulnerability and glamour made her so magical.”House Beautiful

“The bond between photographer and muse is one that can only be explained through the imagery that is produced. It can be seen with Warhol and Edie Sedgewick, Testino and Kate Moss, and for photographer Milton Greene, it was Marilyn Monroe.”Buro 24/7 Australia

“…[Greene passed] with the assumption that his work would succumb to the ravages of time. This might have been this case had his son, Joshua, not embarked on the laborious journey to meticulously store his father’s legacy, spending years researching ways to document his photographs. The result is The Essential: Marilyn Monroe, which covers Monroe at the height of her meteoric fame through 250 images.”Vanity Fair UK

“…the gorgeous, intimate The Essential Marilyn Monroe…”Esquire

“Get up close and personal with the myth and the mystery, courtesy of Milton Greene, who had an extraordinary 50 sessions to capture Monroe on camera. The results are showcased in this collection of over 250 photographs (lovingly restored by Greene’s son Joshua) immortalizing Monroe at the height of her beauty and fame — including 100 never-before-published images, an introduction by photographer Douglas Kirkland and an essay about his father’s vision by Joshua Greene”.Metrosource Magazine

“Perhaps the most important feature of The Essential Marilyn Monroe is the way that Greene’s photos — posed or candid — seem to capture the real woman and her vulnerability.”Toronto Sun

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