Africa on Safari

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Kym & Tonya Illman

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Territory: USA & Canada
Size: 10 in x 12.25 in
Pages: 204
Illustrations: 152 color, 5 b&w

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  • Shows the beauty of Africa from a totally new perspective
  • "Behind the Scenes" section describes the photographic techniques and equipment used
  • Will appeal to anyone interested in nature, photography and travel

Drama and beauty abound on the plains of Africa and in this superb collection of images, Australian photographers Kym and Tonya Illman present an intimate insight into Earth's greatest wilderness.

This lavish book is the result of thousands of hours spent on safari in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa. The Illmans innovative, and sometimes controversial, approach includes cameras buried at the edges of waterholes, mounted on aerial drones and on remote controlled buggies, with many lost to lions and elephants in the process. They have spent days concealed in photographic hides to capture low level shots and have chartered helicopters to photograph wildlife and vistas not accessible by land. Each photograph is accompanied by the fascinating story behind its capture.

In a final section the Illmans discuss the various elements that ensure a successful safari, from both a sightseeing and photographic viewpoint.

This splendid collection of photographs is an unforgettable record of Africa in all its untamed beauty and raw emotion. From the brutality of the food chain to playful shots of animals at their most uninhibited, from majestic sunsets to brooding landscapes, there is no greater theater than nature itself.

This is Africa On Safari.

Contents: Foreword by Anton Crone; 1. Eye to Eye with Nature; 2. Behind the Lens; Acknowledgments.

Kym and Tonya Illman are passionate and innovative wildlife photographers. They own an audio production business in Perth, Western Australia, but their love of Africa has led them to spend around three months a year photographing in Africa using a range of photographic aids and techniques including quad copters, remote camera buggies and buried or hidden cameras. Their unconventional approach has yielded fascinating angles, spectacular images and some wonderful stories.