Bored Tourists

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Laurence Stephens

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Hoxton Mini Press
Territory: USA & Canada
Size: 5 in x 6.25 in
Pages: 112
Illustrations: 69 color
Name of series: Pocket Photography

RRP $12.95

  • A playful look at the disappointment of being a tourist on a banal holiday
  • Funny, quirky and colorful photgoraphy with a relateable subject making this book appeal to a wide audience. Part of a new, collectable, pocket-sized series of affordable and accessible photography books

Ever had a holiday that wasn't what you hoped for? Bored Tourists explores the phenomenon of traveling to a foreign country with every intention of being inspired by it, only to be left feeling bemused, bored or half asleep. What began as a chance visit to Barcelona Cathedral led photographer Laurence Stephens to spend the next three summers exploring the cultural landscapes of Spain and Portugal. From stuffy museums to breath-taking skylines, with camera in hand, he went in search of the not-so-elusive bored tourist.

Laurence Stephens is a British documentary photographer. He is inspired by color photographers of the 1980s, and uses flash and saturated colors to enhance the comedic quality of his images. Stephens has a degree in documentary photography and focuses his time on projects in the UK and abroad.