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Mid-century Modern Houses in New Canaan features a group of homes built between 1947-1979 by 9 Modern architects, including members of the Harvard Five. The Glass House by Philip Johnson, a well known example from this period is presented alongside works from Marcel Breuel, Eliot Noyes, Frank Lloyd Wright, Landis Gores, and John Johanson.

Although now collectively called 'Mid-century Modern', no one style dominates these homes in New Canaan. The houses were built economically, modest in scale and some have now received careful additions. An exclusive view of what these works look like today is captured through new photographs by Micheal Biondo. Guest editor Alan Goldberg, who worked with Eliot Noyes during that era, uses a collection of archive material published for the first time to introduce the thought process that went into the designs.

Text in English and Japanese.

Foreword, I Was There: Alan Goldberg, Guest Editor
Introduction, New Canaan in The Context of American Modernism: Michael Webb
Historical Records
Glass House Compound - Philip Johnson; Breuer House I - Marcel Breuer; Breuer House II - Marcel Breuer; Wiley House - Philip Johnson; Lee House I - John Black Lee; Noyes House II - Eliot Noyes; Rayward "Tirranna" House - Frank Lloyd Wright; Warner "Bridge" House - John Johansen; Celanese House - Edward Durell Stone; Boissonnas House - Philip Johnson; Tatum House - Hugh Smallen; Parsons House - Hugh Smallen; Goldberg House - Alan Goldberg; Chivvis House - Eliot Noyes, Alan Goldberg
Essay, Other Modern Houses Demolished, Reconfigured, Obscured, Unavailable: Alan Goldberg
Architect Biographies

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