Christmas at Last! Holiday Recipes and Stories from Italy

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Sabrine d'Aubergine

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Guido Tommasi Publishing
Territory: USA & Canada
Size: 7.5 in x 9.5 in
Pages: 192
Illustrations: 80 color
Name of series: Illustrated books

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  • A book about the pleasure of coming back to the kitchen to celebrate Christmas, finding time to stay with your family and friends

In Italy, Christmas is a thrilling time for young and old. It is celebrated for weeks, bringing families and friends together for spur of the moment gatherings, decorating the tree, or the traditional Christmas Day dinner. And with a pantry full of specially prepared foods, homemade gifts are always at the ready.

Christmas at Last! shares these traditions and the holiday recipes that have passed from family-to-family for generations. Sixty-five recipes include the great Italian classics, as well as some with a Nordic influence (because we all know that Father Christmas lives among reindeer). Christmas will be better than ever with St. Lucy's Sweet Buns, Chocolate and Chili Pepper Truffles, Extra Simple Coffee Parfait and many more. Also included are instructions for traditional Italian holiday decorations such as string lanterns, garlands made from orange peel, and dried apple pot-pourri.

Contents: Introduction; Recipes; Stories.

Sabrine d'Aubergine firmly believes in the therapeutic power of cooking. A passionate food blogger (, she enjoys experimenting in her kitchen and documenting the results on her website. In addition to creating recipes, Sabrine collects different types of flour, mismatched antique cutlery, and recipes written on hundreds of scraps of paper which she keeps in an old metal teapot.

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