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Edited by Andrea Bacchi and Anna Coliva

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Territory: USA & Canada
Size: 9.5 in x 11 in
Pages: 440
Illustrations: 221 color, 10 b&w
Name of series: Exhibition catalogue

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  • Accompanies a major exhibition and is destined to become a key reference work on Bernini, the most important sculptor of the 17th century
  • All the images of the 13 works at the Galleria Borghese and of several pieces from Roman collections and churches are especially shot for this catalogue
  • The Dictionary of the Friends and Patrons of Bernini at the end of the catalogue contains approximately one-hundred entries, constituting a very useful tool for researchers on Bernini and Baroque Rome

Gianlorenzo Bernini (1598-1680), architect, painter, but above all sculptor, had a career that spanned almost three quarters of a century. He worked under six different popes and was instrumental in the ornamentation of Baroque Rome, from the colonnade of St. Peter to the fountains in piazza Navona and piazza di Spagna, from the many stunning sculptural groups in the churches and palaces of Rome to the dozens of 'speaking portraits', which depict cardinals, popes, kings and intellectuals of his time.

The Galleria Borghese, home of many works by Bernini, including some of his world-famous groups such as Apollo and Daphne, The Rape of Proserpina and David, will host a major exhibition on the sculptures of this extraordinary artist. Exceptional in scope and scholarship, the catalogue analyses many different aspects of Bernini's output, focusing on the many innovations he introduced. It also devotes studies to the critical reception of Bernini and to his relationships with friends and patrons (a dictionary of these is included at the end of the book).

Accompanies an exhibition in Rome, Galleria Borghese, from 31 October 2017 to February 2018.

Andrea Bacchi is associate professor of Art History at the University of Bologna and co-director of the art historical journal Nuovi Studi. He has curated several exhibition on sculpture including one on Bernini and the Birth of Baroque Portrait, at the Getty Institute and at the National Gallery of Canada. Anna Coliva is the director of the Galleria Borghese in Rome. She has curated many exhibitions and she is the author of over 100 publications, mainly focused on 16th and 17th century Roman and Emilian painting and sculpture (Caravaggio, Bernini, Domenichino, Parmigianino, Dosso Dossi). In 2013 she received the Légion d'Honneur from the President of France.

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“ROME — No artist defined 17th-century Rome more than Gian Lorenzo Bernini did, working under nine popes and leaving an indelible mark on the Eternal City.”The New York Times

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