New York New York A Visual Hymn

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Richard Koek

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Lannoo Publishers/Terra
Territory: USA & Canada
Size: 6.75 in x 13.25 in
Pages: 256
Illustrations: 220 color, 30 b&w

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  • NYC as seen by photographer Richard Koek, Dutch-born but in love with his adopted home
  • Precision images celebrate the city in all of its wild colors, conditions and diversity

"Richard has a unique eye for the still astonishing diversity of New Yorkers, natives or transplants. A transplant himself, there's no denying the power of Richard's personal vision of the city he has made his home. His evident talent and the works' singularity speak for themselves." - Julia Gruen, Executive Director, Keith Haring Foundation, New York, NY

Many cities can boast beautifully designed buildings, but New York's architecture is different. This photo book of New York tells the city's story of impressive buildings and streets filled with inspiring people.

New York is a city that worships those who work hard, yet shows no mercy to those who slip through the cracks. And yet, its tenacious residents, who hail from all corners of the globe, are proud to call it home. Unified by its diversity, the city inspires belief in the idea that individual happiness is self-made, as its streets and buildings seem to suggest that everyone can strive to be the best version of themselves. In a world that struggles to deal with ever-changing demographics, the Big Apple sets a shining example.

Born and raised in the Netherlands by his Argentinian mother, Richard Koek now lives in New York City and Amsterdam. He started out with assignments for renowned titles, such as Interview Magazine and Stern Magazine and has worked for countless companies and non-profit organizations. An internationally acclaimed photographer, Koek describes his pictures as pure reflections of his belief that people are an epitome of the world around them, while the world is an epitome of the people who share it. His work is not meant to be a mere representation of reality, but to encourage viewers to interpret and complete the story he left unfinished. His work has been on exhibition in both New York and the Netherlands. Learn more at And Instagram: richardkoek

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“In his recently released New York New York: A Visual Hymn, Koek documents all aspects of New York life from different angles. The shots depict everything from the Brooklyn Bridge to people on the subway to doctors performing surgery at a local hospital.”Parade