Fr. Moran of Kathmandu Pioneer Priest, Educator and Ham Radio Voice of the Himalayas

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Don Messerschmidt

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  • An inspiring and true life story of accomplishment in the face of great odds
  • The newly updated second edition of a popular biography

Marshall Moran set out from Chicago in 1929 to join a Jesuit mission in Asia. Over the next six decades he became one of the continent's most remote celebrities, a pioneer priest and educator and one of the 'rare ones' among the world's amateur radio fraternity, at home in the heart of the Himalayas. In India and Nepal he taught the sons of the rich and the poor, the powerful and the unpretentious alike. From simple beginnings he set the first standards for modern education in Nepal. In time, he became known far and wide as 'Father Moran of Kathmandu'. In this newly revised edition of his biography, writer and anthropologist Don Messerschmidt brings the story of Fr Moran, SJ, to life. It is a remarkable and inspiring tale of quiet accomplishment.

The Young Moran: Youth; Scholar; Passage to India
Early Catholic Adventures in India, Tiber and Nepal: Jesuits in India and Tibet; Early Christian Missions in Nepal
Moran in North India: Two Years in Bettiah; Ordination Studies in Kurseong; The Patna Years
Moran in Nepal: Into Nepal; Opening Godavari School; Affairs of State & High Society; Men to Serve Others
Ham Priest of the Himalayas: On the Air; First Radio; Voice of Nepal; Friends Around the World

Don Messerschmidt, an American award-winning author and anthropologist, is a Himalayan specialist who has spent over 40 years immersed in the languages and cultures of Nepal. Along the way he became involved with the lives of many influential residents of the country, both native and foreign.