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Kabbalah in Art and Architecture

Kabbalah in Art and Architecture

By (author) Alexander Gorlin


  • Featuring a vast array of eclectic and striking images of paintings, engravings, contemporary sculpture, architecture and architectural plans, and film stills
  • A fascinating new look at the reinterpretation of art and architecture through the lens of the Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism
Full Description

The Kabbalistic idea of creation, as expressed through light, space, and geometry, has left its unmistakeable mark on our civilization. Drawing upon a wide array of historical materials and stunning images of contemporary art, sculpture, and architecture, architect Alexander Gorlin explores the influence, whether actually acknowledged or not, of the Kabbalah on modern design in his unprecedented book Kabbalah in Art and Architecture. Gorlin brings light to the translation of the mystical philosophy into a physical form, drawing clear comparisons between philosophy and design that will excite and exalt. Comprising ten chapters that each outline key concepts of the Kabbalah and its representations, both in historic diagrams and the modern built environment, Kabbalah in Art and Architecture puts forth an unparalleled and compelling reinterpretation of art and architecture through the lens of the Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism. A chapter on the Golem, and an epilogue that discusses German artist Anselm Kiefer’s powerful interpretations of the Kabbalah, complete this unique book. Contents: Prologue 1. The Ark, the Tent, and the Temple 2. Heavenly Palaces and The Throne-Chariot 3. The Void 4. Sefirot 5. The Crown 6. Vessels of Light 7. The Breaking of the Vessels 8. Repair 9. Golem 10. Epilogue: Anselm Kiefer

Pointed Leaf Press
12th Aug 2013
USA & Canada
9.31 in x 12.18 in
192 Pages
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