Archigram - The Book

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Warren Chalk, Peter Cook, Dennis Crompton, Ron Herron, David Greene and Michael Webb; with essays by Reyner Banham, Martin Pawley and Michael Sorkin

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Territory: USA & Canada
Size: 13.5 in x 10.75 in
Pages: 300
Illustrations: 500 color, 50 b&w

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  • Comprehensive documentation of Archigram's iconic works
  • Generous landscape format allows drawings to be reproduced at a large scale
  • Contributions from all Archigram members, and essays by critics writing then and now

Archigram comprised Warren Chalk (1927-88), Peter Cook (1936-), Dennis Crompton (1935-), David Greene (1937-), Ron Herron (1930-94), and Michael Webb (1937-). Together, in the 1960s and early 1970s, they envisioned the future of architecture in ways that enthralled a generation.

In an era defined by the space race, they developed a 'high-tech', lightweight, infra-structural approach that stretched far beyond known technologies or contemporary realities. They devised autonomous dwellings and focused on survival technology; they experimented with megastructures and modular construction systems; they explored mobility through the environment, and the use of portable living capsules: all through the medium of an incredible series of drawings and models.

Archigram's influence has been profound and enduring. They gave the High-tech movement its impetus; they inspired architects such as Renzo Piano and Norman Foster; and they laid the ground for the design of buildings such as the Pompidou Centre. This book catalogues Archigram's activities over fourteen years, together with commentaries by the architects and critics writing then and now. Edited and designed by Archigram member Dennis Crompton, it has been 40 years in the making.

Contents: No Introduction Required - Michael Sorkin; Archigram: The Magazine - Peter Cook; Selected Projects 1961-74; A Clip-On Architecture - Reyner Banham; Archigram: The Opera; Death by Architecture - Martin Pawley; Index of Projects.

Warren Chalk, Peter Cook, Dennis Crompton, Ron Herron, David Greene and Michael Webb are the founder members of Archigram. Their theoretical work began in the 1960s as a cry against "the crap then going up in London". Although they never constructed a building together, their influence over a generation of architects continues to be felt today. The group was awarded the RIBA Gold Medal in 2002. Reyner Banham was one of the leading architectural commentators in the decades when Archigram was active, and the author of Megastucture (1976), which featured their work. Martin Pawley documented the architectural scene in London from the 1970s onwards from the perspective of a restless insider. His writing about Archigram is incisive and colorful. Michael Sorkin is an architect and urbanist whose practice spans design, planning, criticism, and teaching. His books include Exquisite Corpse: Writing on Buildings (1991).

What the press have said about this book...

“A big, bold look back at a group whose big, bold ideas—collectivist housing, flexible design, and architecture with wit, verve, and humor that seems transposed from comic books—made a massive impact on design.”Curbed

“[A] lavish and authoritative collection. . . .No detail is missed and, over the course of the entire treasure trove of the book, the result is overwhelming. . . . Archigram: The Book definitively documents ephemeral projects and a group that seems to have continually embraced change.”CityLab

"Designed and edited by Dennis Crompton, ‘Archigram – The Book’ presents the history and work of the celebrated architectural collective founded in the 1960s that inspired buildings such as the Pompidou in Paris and the High Tech movement. Archigram member, Crompton, has worked on the book over a period of 40 years to document the illustrated theories, mind-boggling designs and progressive ideas of Archigram into one impressive tome." - Wallpaper Magazine