The Tylenchulidae of the World Identification of the Family Tylenchulidae (Nematoda: Tylenchida)

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Reza Ghaderi, Etienne Geraert, Akbar Karegar

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This book contains full descriptions of the pin, citrus and other, related nematodes (166 species), belonging to the family Tylenchulidae (Tylenchida/Tylenchomorpha), reported from everywhere in the world. They are plant parasites living in the soil or in plant roots and have an economic importance. This book is amply illustrated with line drawings, light and SEM photographs based on microscopic and sub-microscopic observations.

Etienne Geraert was Zoology Professor at Ghent University, Belgium. From 1974 till 1998 he was also Associate Editor of the International Journal Nematologica (now Nematology) where he was responsible for the articles on morphology and taxonomy. He has already published a book on the morphology of the order Tylenchida and four books on the identification of plant-parasitic nematodes of the families Tylenchidae, Criconematidae, Dolichodoridae and Pratylenchidae. From 1990 till 2002 he was Director of the Master's Course in Nematology at Ghent University.