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Book cover of Magritte Folon: The Dream Factory, with two sections of surrealist paintings: one with a leafless tree surrounded by brick columns, the other with leaves. Published by Lannoo Publishers.

Magritte Folon

The Dream Factory

By (author) Michel Draguet
By (author) Marie Godet
By (author) Stéphanie Angelroth
By (author) Isabelle Douillet de Pange


  • The works of René Magritte and Jean-Michel Folon compared
  • Discover how Magritte - who introduced mystery in painting - inspired Folon, who would never cease to explore the paths of poetry
  • Heir to Magritte’s legacy, Brussels-born Jean-Michel Folon's universe is internationally renowned
  • With paintings, drawings and posters, this book brings together the works and visual language of these two major artists
Full Description

This publication compares the works of two major Belgian artists – René Magritte and Jean-Michel Folon- their common grounds and their language in painting. Magritte depicts the mystery that emanates from the everyday life, while Folon opts for dreaminess and stylization. Folon replaces Magritte’s pigeon with a refined bird, drawn in a single stroke; he prefers a rectangular parallelepiped to the surrealist’s well-described house. When he was 18, in 1953, Folon recalls discovering Le Domaine enchanté, the series of murals Magritte had just painted for the Knokke casino. It was a revelation. Although the two artists never met and 36 years separated them, Folon has acknowledged to be indebted to the master of Belgian surrealism -whom he considers “one of the fathers of his generation”- throughout his career. Magritte, by opening up the paths of mystery in painting, laid the foundations for Folon’s art, which would never cease to explore the paths of poetry.

About the Author

Michel Draguet holds a doctoral degree in Art History. Marie Godet holds a doctoral degree in Art History and works as a researcher. Stéphanie Angelroth is director of the Fondation Folon. Isabelle Douillet de Pange is curator of the Fondation Folon.

Lannoo Publishers
24th Apr 2024
USA & Canada
8.46 in x 10.24 in
144 Pages
60 color
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