Terms & Conditions

The following terms of sale and supply shall apply to each order for the supply of goods on behalf of ACC Art Books. Acceptance of customers orders shall be subject to these terms and conditions, may be altered only with the Company’s consent in writing and cannot be altered by Customer’s terms of purchase.

1 DEFINITIONS         

In these conditions of supply: “Carrier”: means the agent or agents from time to time of the company for the carriage of goods. “Company” means ACC Art Books. “Customer” is a person contracting with the Company for the supply of Goods by the Company as agent for a Publisher under a contract for the purchase of the Goods. “Goods”: means books, printed sheets, printed cards, magazines, cassettes, magnetic tapes, computer tapes, records, video discs, selling aids and all other items which the Company offers for sale. “Publication Date”: is that date in respect of any of the Goods which is shown on the invoice or despatch documentation or which the Company otherwise indicates as the first day they may be sold to the general public.

2 DELIVERY         

Goods will be delivered to the delivery address given and, if none is shown to the person to whom the invoice is addressed/despatched. Any delivery dates are given as estimates only and in no circumstances shall the Company be liable for late delivery beyond such date. Subject to the books availability the company shall endeavor to deliver the goods within 14 days of receipt of order. If this can not happen the Company will contact the customer. Neither the Company nor the carrier is obliged to provide loading or unloading facilities on delivery. Goods will be despatched by our warehouse NBN International.

3 COPYRIGHT         

Goods may be subject to copyright protection as stated thereon.

4 RETURNS         

Goods should not be returned to the Company unless previously authorised in writing by the Company.

5 PRICES         

The Customer acknowledges that the Company may change prices without notice or after Goods are invoiced. Unless otherwise agreed by the Company in writing invoiced prices will be subject to packing and delivery charges as shown on the checkout. VAT will not apply unless required by law. Any special request by the customer for Goods to be delivered by any means other than the Company’s normal arrangements shall be subject to an additional charge to cover the extra cost.

6 PAYMENT         

Payment is due to the Company before the despatch of goods


(a) Title to any Goods supplied at any time to the Customer by the Company shall not pass to the Customer, not withstanding delivery of any Goods or any documents representing them, until payment in full for any and such Goods supplied and all other amounts on any account whatsoever due from the Customer to the Company has been made in full by the Customer. 

(b) Until the passing of property under Clause 7(a) (above) the Customer shall be bailee of the Goods for the Company and:  

(i)shall keep the Goods in its possession and control, intact and in good condition:       

(ii) pending the passage of property in the Goods under Clause 7(a) (above), the Customer shall not dispose of , charge or incumber any of the Goods or purport to do so except that the Company licenses the Customer to dispose of Goods on arm’s length terms in the ordinary course of its business.       

(c) The Company shall be entitled at any time before the passing of the property in the Goods under Clause 7(a) (above), to terminate the licence granted to the Customer under Clause 7(b)(11) (above) and to enter upon the Customer’s premises (or any other premises where the Goods are kept) for the purpose of removing them.

(d) The illegality or unenforceability of any part of Clause 8 shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remainder of Clause 8 and if any part of Clause 8 is held not to be valid but would be valid if part of the wording were deleted, or modified then that provision shall apply with such modification as may be necessary to make it enforceable.

(e) All Goods supplied by the Company are at the Customer’s risk from the time they are received at the Customer’s delivery address or, if the Customer is responsible for collecting the Goods, from the time they leave the Company’s premises, the Customer will be responsible for insuring the Goods while they are at its risk. 

8 LIABILITY         

(a) The Company shall be liable for death or personal injury resulting from negligence of the Company its servants or agents (but not independent contractors) while acting in the course of their employment by the Company or for breach by the Company of any undertaking as to title implied by the supply of Goods and Services Act 1982.    

(b) The Company dues not make or give any warranty representation or undertaking as to the quality of the Goods, their correspondence with description or fitness for purpose, that the Goods are not defamatory, injurious, obscene, unlawful or in breach of copyright or in any other manner whatsoever. 

(c) Without prejudice to the foregoing provisions of this clause for any damage in or shortages in Goods delivered must be notified to the Carrier and the Company at the time of delivery and confirmed to the carrier and the Company in writing within 5 working days thereafter. Written notice of claims for non-delivery must be given to the Company within 14 days of the statement date. On no account will claims be considered if notified outside these periods. 

(d) Subject to the foregoing provisions of this clause the Company shall not under any circumstances be liable to the Customer or any successor or assignee of the Customer in respect of any loss of whatsoever nature occurring to the Customer arising from the supply of Goods or from non-delivery, delayed delivery, damage to or loss of the Goods owing to an act or omission by the Company (including negligence) or any other cause not within the Company’s control including (without limitation) fire, flood, accident, strike, riot, lock-out, trade dispute, industrial action, terrorism, nuclear accident, war, insurrection, act or restraint of Government. 

(e) The Company is not responsible for the content of external websites.


Goods supplied to overseas Customers are despatched by our desiganated carriers and the cost for said carriage is charged to the customer at the rates given at the checkout. Unless otherwise agreed by the Company in writing the Customer shall be responsible for all duties, levies, imports, taxes or other liabilities arising on the exportation of the Goods from the United Kingdom and importation of the Goods overseas.

10 LAW        

All contracts under these Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and all dispute’s submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.


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