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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

As a company we care about the environment and we want to ensure that we do everything we can to look after the planet properly now and for generations to come.


Paper and Printers

We are proud that for over 20 years we have been printing our books on FSC-certified paper.  The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) has undertaken remarkable work to establish a chain of custody from forest to pulp to paper so that publishers can reliably establish the true source of their papers and ensure that practices for harvesting wood are are legal, sustainable and from well-managed sources, and do not deplete the natural resources contained in our forests.

All of the printers that we use have accreditation to the FSC.  Whilst we do print overseas, we combine shipments of newly printed books not only to be cost-effective but also to have less impact on the environment.


Distribution and Carriers

We take environmental issues and good practice very seriously at our distribution centres. NBN International are recipients of the BIC Supply Chain Excellence Award.   They have their own environmental policy and do everything in their power to protect both the environment and their staff.

All of our main carriers, DPD, DHL, UPS and FedEx have made public commitments to reduce their carbon emissions radically. You can read more about how they are achieving this on each of their websites.


Paper and Cardboard Waste

We reuse as much paper and cardboard as possible and encourage our staff not to waste paper or print out emails unnecessarily.   Books to be pulped, as well as cardboard and paper that can no longer be used are sent to a local paper recycling facility at Bolton Bros in Great Blakenham. They are accredited with Environmental Management Certificate ISO 14001 incorporating BS 15713 certification. 100% of the paper they recycle goes back to paper mills.



We do everything we can to protect our staff and ensure they work in a safe environment.  We are also proud to support the UK’s National Living Wage Scheme, which was designed to ensure that workers are paid a fair living wage.

We continue to look at ways to improve and reduce the impact our business has on the environment.  Switching off the lights at the end of the day is the very least of our efforts to help ensure we look after the planet properly.