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Designing Jewels – L’École School of Jewelry Arts, France

14 Oct — 14 Feb 2022

Designing Jewels

Little studied and published, even more rarely exhibited, jewelry drawings remain relatively unknown to the general public. Nevertheless, this drawing plays an essential role, serving as the reference point for all those involved in the creation of the jewelry item. Since the Renaissance, the drawing constitutes the first, and indeed, one might say the primordial step, in that it gives life to the idea, and allows the idea to be realized.

It is to this long neglected object—a technical tool serving the artisans involved in the fabrication of the jewelry but also a sensitive work—which L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts wishes to pay tribute, by shining a light on its history, technique, authors and status. L’ÉCOLE is proud to organize the first exhibition devoted to this theme, explored from a wide variety of perspectives!

The selected works broadly cover the 19th century, beginning in the 1760s and ending with the First World War, and were executed by numerous artists and designers, either famous or anonymous, illustrating a great diversity of techniques and uses. All come from the Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry Culture Fund, set up for research, presentation and educational purposes.

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