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Free: Sergei Polunin – Wimbledon BookFest, UK

17 Sep — 17 Sep 2021

Today Sergei Polunin is known not only as a dancer and creator of his own productions, but also as an actor and artist. This is a unique chance to hear the emotional highs and lows of his journey from his childhood in Ukraine to the global phenomenon he is today.

The early life path of Sergei Polunin was akin to a dancer’s fairy tale. A precocious talent, ballet training in Kiev, admission to the Royal Ballet School in London at 13, first solo performance at the Royal Ballet at 19. At 20, promotion to the youngest ever principal. Then, at 21, a sudden rupture took place: the superstar Polunin moved on. What could have been the end of an incredible career became another beginning. The dancer met new mentors, went to Russia followed by other countries, conquered fresh audiences and new art forms.

Sergei will recount why he quit alcohol and drugs, why he once took steroids, the time he laughed so hard on stage that he forgot the dance steps and what it’s really like to be a dance superstar.

Watch Sergei’s latest electrifying collaboration here: https://poluninink.com

Copies of Sergei Polunin’s Free: A life in Images and Words will be on sale.

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