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Inner Travels: Rinus van de Velde – EUROPALIA Arts Festival, Belgium

18 Feb — 15 May 2022

Through diverse media ranging from drawings to sculptures, installations and film, Rinus Van de Velde creates a mirror universe where elements from reality and imagination coalesce into a unique kind of visual storytelling. A self-proclaimed armchair voyager, Van de Velde often narrates tales of semi-heroic quests and adventures articulated around his imaginary travels and his fictitious encounters with figures of recent art history.
In the framework of this exhibition, centred on a circular story of leaving and returning home with the train as a metaphor for the journey, Van de Velde premieres his new film and presents a survey of primarily recent works. Parallel to this, he brings together and reframes a selection of works by modern and contemporary artists such as Pierre Bonnard, Joseph Cornell, Fischli/Weiss, Joan Mitchell, Claude Monet, Monster Chetwynd Laure Prouvost, Josephine Troller and Jean Tinguely, among others.

An open invitation to join the artist on his ‘inner travels’, the exhibition is a visual journey of discovery that offers a glimpse inside the constructed world of Rinus Van de Velde that is ever-expanding.


Curators: Rinus Van de Velde, Julie Verheye (Exhibition Coordinator EUROPALIA) and Dirk Vermaelen (Artistic Director EUROPALIA)

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