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MINDBOMBS – Kunsthalle Mannheim, Germany

9 Oct — 24 Apr 2022

RAF, NSU and IS are names of terrorist groups whose extremist propaganda and political violence challenge the visual arts to react decisively. The exhibition “MINDBOMBS” at the Kunsthalle Mannheim opens up a highly topical artistic perspective on the history and political iconography of modern terrorism. For the first time, the effects of social revolutionary, right-wing extremist and jihadist terrorism on visual culture will be examined together in three sections. 20 years after September 11, 2001 and 10 years after the discovery of the NSU in Germany, the exhibition is dedicated to the fighting term of terrorism and its changes in history from the French Revolution to the present.

On display are works by artists Hiba Al Ansari, Khalid Albaih, Morehshin Allahyari, Francis Alÿs, Kader Attia, Walter Dahn & Jiří Dokoupi, Jacques-Louis David, Christoph Draeger, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Forensic Architecture, Chloé Galibert-Lâiné & Kevin B. Lee, Gregory Green, Johan Grimonprez, Richard Hamilton, Omar Imam, Initiative 19. Februar Hanau, Christof Kohlhöfer, Susanne Kriemann, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Almut Linde, Georg Lutz, Édouard Manet, Paula Markert, Olaf Metzel, Henrike Naumann, Wolf Pehlke, Ariel Reichman, Gerhard Richter, Thomas Ruff, Ivana Spinelli, Klaus Staeck, J.M. Voltz

Intervention „Brick by Brick“: Francesca Audretsch, Vanessa Bosch, Mustafa Emin Büyükcoşkun, Charlotte Eifler & Clarissa Thieme, Anna Knöller, Isabelle Konrad, Judith Milz, Nis Petersen, Johanna Schäfer, Natalia Schmidt, Karolina Sobel, Janis Zeckai

Curator: Dr. Sebastian Baden

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