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Re-Framed – Fenimore Art Museum, USA

25 May — 2 Sep 2024

Marc Hom: Re-Framed

May 25 – September 2, 2024

Danish photographer Marc Hom is recognized for his iconic portraits of some of the most recognized faces in the world. Over his decades-long career, he has artistically captured the likeness of Hollywood and cultural elites such as Anne Hathaway, Miley Cyrus, Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift, King Frederik X of Denmark, and a seemingly endless list of notable names. 

Marc Hom: Re-Framed is a summation of Hom’s work to date and a portrait of the artist’s restless mind. The new exhibition offers visitors two components. The first resembles a traditional gallery retrospective. The second brings Hom’s work into a wilder space—the outdoors. Here his polished studio portraits are printed eleven feet high and mounted on Masonite frames that catch the weather, swiveling in the wind. 

Hom saw the exhibition as a chance to push against the conventions of a traditional gallery retrospective. For years, he had been fascinated by sculpture gardens—most of all Storm King, the 500-acre outdoor museum of landscaped fields in New York’s Hudson Valley. There, he thought, was art that did not merely rest against the wall waiting for passing admiration; the pieces almost grab you as you walk among them. While experiencing the outdoor portion of Hom’s exhibition, visitors will make their way through 28 images of ageless elegance—Anne Hathaway, Johnny Depp, Sofia Coppola, Cher—larger than life and perched in formation overlooking the pristine waters of Otsego Lake and its environs.

Marc Hom: Re-Framed is organized by the Fenimore Art Museum. The exhibition is sponsored in part by Nellie and Robert Gipson and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Putnam.

As a companion to the exhibition, Hom’s new book, “Re-Framed,” features the entire selection of portraiture on display and also details the development of the exhibition. The 160-page hard-cover will be available exclusively at Fenimore Art Museum’s retail shop and on the museum’s website through the summer starting soon. 


About Marc Hom
Hom, a Copenhagener, was born in 1967, a child of the postwar explosion of Scandinavian creativity and style. His father, Jesper, was an accomplished photographer as well. Hom moved from Copenhagen to New York in 1989 after completing his photographic degree at the Danish Art Academy. Working freelance for over a year with some of the most established photographers there, he then spent the next six month in Vienna, commissioned to do a book of images for the Vienna Ballet. Finalizing the project, Hom returned to New York and began working with the late Liz Tilberis and Fabian Baron of Harper’s Bazaar, which introduced him to the world of fashion photography, a major turning point in his career.

Marc Hom is now recognized as one of the most iconic portrait photographers in the world. He is renowned for photographing some of the most talented, influential, and innovative individuals of our time. Celebrity portraits include Cher, Aretha Franklin, Alexander McQueen, Faye Dunaway, Vanessa Redgrave, Glen Close, Christopher Walken, Samuel L. Jackson and many more. He is a regular contributor to Esquire, Entertainment Weekly and Town & Country. Marc has photographed multiple fashion campaigns for Gucci, Patek Philippe and Boss while some of his entertainment clients include Netflix, Showtime, and Amazon.

Hom is currently based in New York City and is a part-time resident of Cooperstown.

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