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The Art of Deceiving Sight – Palazzo del Monte di Pietà, Italy

24 Sep — 26 Feb 2023

The Art of Deceiving Sight

Illusion of movement, chromatic plays, perspective deceptions, distorting mirrors, optical effects… Like a roller coaster, L’occhio in gioco, an exhibition which combines painting, sculpture, photography, science and technology, will take you up and down, back and forth in time, between the Middle Ages and contemporaneity, Picasso and the Lumière brothers, Kandinsky and Balla, Man Ray and Klee, Boccioni and Duchamp, discovering the many and fascinating tricks with which man has managed to deceive his eyes.

A kaleidoscopic journey on the border between art and science, in a city, Padua, in which these two worlds have always been intertwined, from Galileo to the school of psychology of perception and the birth of Gruppo N, an avant-garde artistic-cultural collective from Padua performing Optical and Kinetic art. To them is indeed dedicated the monograph ending an exhibition joining the celebrations for the 800th anniversary of the University of Padua.

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