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I am a publisher, how do I contact you about distributing my books?
If you would like to talk to us about distributing your books then please send an initial email to sales@accartbooks.com with details of your books and your current arrangements for selling them.
I am a trade customer, how do I place an order?
We use IPS to warehouse and dispatch all our books to the trade. If you would like more information about ordering or credit account facilities, please email uksales@accartbooks.com
I am not a trade customer, can I still buy from you?
Yes, if you are a non-trade customer you can still buy the title you are after directly from ACC Art Books. Please contact us on 01394 389950 or email us at uksales@accartbooks.com
How can I contact one of the publishers whose titles you distribute?
We are happy to pass on any correspondence to publishers whose titles we distribute. Please email Anna Pearce at anna.pearce@accartbooks.com.
How can I request permission to use text or images from one of your books?
If you would like to seek permission to reproduce any content from our books, please put the request in writing and email editorial@accartbooks.com If you would like to request images to accompany reviews or publicity for our books, please contact publicity@accartbooks.com 
How can I contact a contributor? (Author, illustrator etc)
We are happy to pass on any correspondence to contributors on your behalf. To contact a contributor to one of our books please email editorial@accartbooks.com If you wish to contact a contributor to one of the books we distribute please contact uksales@accartbooks.com
How can I submit a book for publication?
If you would like us to consider a book that you have written for publication, please email 2 sample chapters along with illustrations, a synopsis of the book and the chapters that it will entail. If possible, please also include the number of black and white/colour images being used, and the number of pages. Please email editorial@accartbooks.com