Abraham Manievich

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Alan Pensler and Mimi Ginsberg

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Hudson Hills Press LLC
Territory: World excluding Spain
Size: 315 mm x 236 mm
Pages: 184
Illustrations: 130 colour

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  • Abraham Manievich is the first English language publication to chronicle the life of this artist and will reintroduce 130 of his images to the public record and present new scholarship
  • This comprehensive study will advance the understanding of Jewish Futurist painting and its contribution to the artistic and literary forefront of the day

The painter Abraham Manievich was a prominent figure in the artistic worlds of early Twentieth Century Europe and America. Born in the small Russian town of Mstislavl in 1881, his artistic training in Kiev and Munich led to early success. He returned to exhibit to acclaim across Russia and established personal relationships with many of the cultural luminaries of that time.

Until now there has been no comprehensive study of the involved symbolism that underlies his major paintings; works that the authors believe require examination within the context of Jewish Futurism. This discussion of the attributes and ideas characteristic of Jewish Futurist painting will further the understanding of the contribution of Jewish artists to the artistic and literary avant-garde of the time.

Notes to the Reader
Abraham Manievich
Paris and the Early Years
Prelude to a Symphony
Civil War and Destruction of the Ghetto
The Symphony of Blood
Jewish Futurist Painting
The Bronx Paintings
A Return to Europe
The Culmination of a Vision
Abraham Manievich in Context
Selected Bibliography