Chiparus Master of Art Deco

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Alberto Shayo

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Size: 325 mm x 275 mm
Pages: 288
Illustrations: 342 colour

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  • One of the most important sculptors of the Art Deco era, Demétre Chiparus (1886-1947) was a Romanian sculptor who lived and worked in Paris, France. This book is a stunning monograph covering his work as both a sculptor and a painter

Over 23 years ago the first publication of Chiparus: Master of Art Deco brought this artist into the public eye. His name, lost in records and catalogues, was rejuvenated by Alberto Shayo's rediscovery of his works, effectively bringing artist and oeuvre back to life.

This book dwells on the sources and inspiration of the Art Deco movement, with particular emphasis on sculptures created by Demétre Chiparus. However, Chiparus considered himself a painter above a sculptor. In this latest version of the book, many unpublished pictures come to light as well as newly discovered oils and 'sanguines', confirming his aptitude in both fields.

Contents: The Early Years; Development of the Art Deco Style; The New Woman; Chiparus and the Art Deco Aesthetic; Chryselephantine Sculpture; Notes; Plates; Paintings by Chiparus; Care of Chryselephantine Sculpture; Fakes and Reproductions; Bibliography.

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As one of the top consultants in the Art Deco field, Alberto Shayo has dedicated his life to travel, discovering new figures and determining the worthiness of private and public collections. Mr Shayo is the author of Camille Fauré: Limoges Art Deco Enamels - The Geometry of Joy, published by Antique Collectors' Club.

What the press have said about this book...

"Shayo’s lovingly written tomes, one about Art Deco Statuettes and one about Romanian sculptor Demétre Chiparus, are authoritative texts that received a lot of press. As a result, we began to field more and more requests for Art Deco figurines from our clients. Whether they had read Shayo or were just influenced by the increase in Art Deco in the cultural zeitgeist, the books are clearly a factor driving trends." -- Hickmet Fine Arts (online)


"This lavishly illustrated volume reveals the workmanship of the most iconic of the Art Deco sculptors,"-- David Aldous Cook, Antique & Collectors Trader


"This handsome new monograph (...) consists mainly of large plates, prefaced by some introductory sections (...) with interesting material on the foundry production of the pieces in limited editions by 'éditeurs de bronzes d'art'". -- Perilla Kinchin, Decorative Arts Society Newsletter (No. 108, Autumn 2016)

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