Water The Unity of Art and Science

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Arnoldsche Art Publishers
Territory: UK, US, Eastern Europe, France, Benelux, Japan, South Korea, Africa, South America & Ireland exclusive. South Africa, N&M East non-exclusive
Size: 255 mm x 215 mm
Pages: 296
Illustrations: 748 colour, 96 b&w

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What is water? Our perceptions of this 'stuff' that is so vital to our existence vary widely. Water is scarcely perceived, if at all, in our cultural landscape unless it has changed from its usual state. Humanity has always been fully aware that water is 'pivotal' to its existence on this planet. The ancient Egyptians had always known that the Nile was the great giver of life that made the crucial difference between curse and blessing; it was venerated as divine. Very few people today are aware that of the vast volume of water we have on this planet, only about 2% is freshwater and, therefore, fit to be drunk by man and animal.
The book addresses the question of what water is, approaching an answer from two sides: first, through science and clarification of its chemical and physical properties and the effect they have on our living space. Second, it pursues in parallel the traces left by water in art, architecture and design, in which it is perceived as a phenomenon that is represented or used creatively in diverse ways. The focus is on the 20th century to the present.

Text in English and German.

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