Abstract Camouflage Textures 1

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Vincenzo Sguera

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Hardback, with free DVD
Arkivia Books SRL
Territory: World excluding Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Japan, Korea, India, Thailand and Singapore
Size: 307 mm x 240 mm
Pages: 144
Illustrations: 200 colour

RRP £115.00

  • Creative modular vector designs inspired by camouflage style
  • The book and DVD contain 200 royalty-free patterns that can be used by textile designers, fashion companies, graphic designers, and stylists worldwide

Camouflage is currently having a fashion comeback, with pieces in the current Victoria Beckham and Michael Kors collections. Celebrities have recently been photographed wearing camo shorts, t-shirts, and jackets. This book of 200 royalty-free patterns offers creative, abstract modular vector designs inspired by camouflage style.

The irony of camouflage in fashion is that camouflage's original purpose is to conceal and blend into the background, while fashion is all about being seen, expressing personality, and making an impression. While the army and hunters use it to hide, in fashion it embodies the spirit of adventure and the outdoors.

These all-new designs have been created to produce the effect of camouflage with fresh and creative downloadable patterns.

Vincenzo Sguera, an Italian architect, has been working since 1977 in the field of design, fashion, textiles and accessories, directing several creative studios and developing products for many companies at an international level. In 2003 he founded Arkivia Books.