Ghent University 200 Years in 200 Objects

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Patrick De Rynck, Ann-Sofie Dekeyser, Agnes Goyvaerts, Petra Gunst, Ruben Mantels and Pascal Verbeken

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Hannibal Publishing
Territory: World excluding France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, and Italy
Size: 260 mm x 230 mm
Pages: 240
Illustrations: 200 colour

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  • Discover the hidden stories behind the historical treasures of the University of Ghent
  • A must-buy not only for those affiliated with the university, but also for anyone fascinated by what objects reveal through their historical context

On 9 October 1817 Ghent University welcomed its first students. Two hundred years later this moment is celebrated with a beautiful publication in which the history of the university is told in words and images, by means of two hundred objects that each carry a piece of the story: from the student card of Vuile Mong (Dirty Mong), via the forceps of Jan Palfijn, to the ermine on the rector's gown. The book reveals why the cover of Gorki's last record would have looked completely different without the university's Morphology Museum and how the ECOCar Energy 5 can take you from Stockholm to Barcelona on the equivalent of just one litre of petrol. It also tells you what the acclaimed Armenian poet Varoujean has to do with Ghent University. This book is an absolute must for all students of Ghent University, past and present - but also for those who enjoy discovering the hidden stories behind objects.