NILC New Interterritorial Language Committee

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Miguel Ventura

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Territory: UK, Scandinavia, Eastern, Central and Southern Europe (excluding Spain)
Size: 285 mm x 228 mm
Pages: 184
Illustrations: 235 colour, 56 b&w
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Olivier Debroise introduces this book as a review of the 13 years of artistic production by Miguel Ventura and his corrosive critique of the mechanisms of power through video, performance, and interactive multimedia installations, now scenarios for staging of his obsession with the transmutations of the body and the dissemination of a language based on the braids of Heidi Schreiber, Ventura's infantilised schizophrenic female alter ego. NILC is a project that includes photographs on experimental subjects in strange dynamics, tables of illustrations as if used as an alphabet, official documents and t-shirts that corroborate the impact and institutionalism of the mission. All in all, it is a harsh and undermining campaign against major projects like the Inter-territorial Language Committee (ILC) of East Africa, which was responsible for the manipulation and standardization of spelling, grammar, and vocabulary in the Swahili language. Ventura's art simply causes us to think twice about the consequences of revolting with language, body, and power schemes and conceptions.

Text in English and Spanish.

Miguel Ventura (San Antonio, Texas, 1954) is a multidisciplinary artist. He studied at Princeton University and at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, but lives and works in Mexico City. His paintings from the early 90s were meditations on the breakdown of family, nations, borders and the individual. After that, he began to focus on interdisciplinary practices (drawing, photography, video, installation) in which he explored the implications of language as a device for power. He has exhibited in solo shows in Mexico, Spain, and Holland, and group shows in America and Europe.