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Elliott Erwitt obituary by teNeues Publishing


“The ‘essence of what happens’ – that’s what matters.”
Elliott Erwitt
We are deeply saddened today. Our most prominent photographer Elliott Erwitt passed away in New York on November 29, 2023 at the blessed age of 95.

Elliott Erwitt was an American photographer known for his humorous and ironic images. His photographs often captured everyday life and human nature in an unconventional and often surprising way. Erwitt’s work was characterized by a keen sense of composition and timing, which enabled him to capture moments that are often overlooked. His pictures are often characterized by a certain lightness and liveliness that can make the viewer laugh or make them think. Erwitt’s work has had a great influence on street photography and is a source of inspiration for many photographers.

Together with Elliott Erwitt, teNeues Verlag has been able to produce several books in recent years. These include “Elliott Erwitt’s Scotland”, “Elliott Erwitt’s Dogs”, “Elliott Erwitt’s Paris”, “Cuba” and “Elliott Erwitt’s Personal Best”. The work on “Elliott Erwitt’s New York – Revised Edition”, the expanded new edition of the illustrated book published in 2008, which will be released in the first week of January 2024, had just been completed. We were all very much looking forward to the new edition and are now very sad that he will no longer be holding it in his hands.

“Pictures have to do with heart and mind and eye, and they must communicate something – as long as they do that, they’re valid.” Elliott once said. If you look at his photographs, you can feel it. Forever.

Thank you for all the great books we were able to publish with you. Rest in peace, Elliott.


Elliott Erwitt’s New York