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Cen Long

Cen Long

Vita e poetica | Life and Art

By (author) Cen Long


Publishing 13th May 2024
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    Full Description

    Cen Long’s signature approach consists of a simple style, sophisticated brushwork, rigorous composition, layered and solid colouring. Through the prism of unadorned expression, he imparts profound allegory, creating enduring works that withstand the crucible of time, inviting contemplation and stirring the intellect. Each stroke becomes a vessel of emotion, and each painting contains deeper meaning beneath its surface qualities. From the corpus of his artistic repertoire emerges an ambiance of serenity and freshness, affording those entrenched in the cacophony of contemporary existence a respite to reacquaint themselves with the sublime aesthetics of tranquillity — a poignant return to the fundamental purity intrinsic to the human condition.

    “Cen Long’s artwork unfolds a luminous world imbued with strength and hope. His art consistently influences the audience, akin to the legendary constellation, the Southern Cross, soothing hearts and instilling both hope and courage. Metra Lin In his paintings, Cen Long constructs a terrestrial paradise, one that is not devoid of hardships but is genuine and substantial, inviting the viewer to pause and contemplate. Through his universal visual language, he forges a bridge between East and West.” – Candida Syndikus

    Text in English and Italian.

    About the Author

    Cen Long: born in 1957 in Guangzhou, China, he once served as a professor in the Oil Painting Department at Hubei Academy of Fine Arts. Disinclined towards institutional constraints, he resigned in 2005 and retreated to seclusion in Wuhan, dedicating himself to artistic endeavours. His father, Cen Jia Wu, stood as a luminary in anthropology, ethnology, and art history in Chinese academia. Persecuted during the Cultural Revolution, he tragically ended his life, leaving an everlasting trauma in Cen’s heart. Deeply influenced by the profound legacy of his father, Cen maintains a modest lifestyle, avoids socialising with the local art scene, and immerses himself wholly in the pursuit of artistic truth.

    Publish date
    13th May 2024
    UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Iceland, Germany, Eastern Europe, & Austria. Arab States non-exclusive
    280 mm x 240 mm
    120 Pages
    60 color
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