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Claudia Schmitz
Claudia Schmitz
Claudia Schmitz
Claudia Schmitz

Claudia Schmitz


Edited by Claudia Schmitz
Text by Koh Dong-Yeon
Text by Nicola L. Hein
Text by Susanna Schoenberg
Designed by Shin Dokho


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  • First monograph on the internationally acclaimed artist Claudia Schmitz
  • First volume out of three of her archive monography
  • Explores the limits and paradigms of media translation
Full Description

Contemporary media artist Claudia Schmitz (b. 1975) explores the limits and paradigms of media translation, both as a solo artist and through collaborative projects. Her work focuses on identity in virtual, expanded and real spaces, reactivity and interactivity, intermediality and transmediality, machine learning and artificial intelligence. She also examines issues of sustainability and synaesthetic experience and questions socio-urban structures and hegemonial perceptions. Tracing these boundaries, she develops spaces for transmedial experiences; pneumatic sculptures; multidimensional drawings. She also creates gustatory sculptures that develop their meaning on the viewer’s tongue.

Invisyllables is the first volume in her monograph, which is based on the concept of an open archive. The three volumes in the archive, entitled Moving Space, Moving Air, Moving Line each convey alternative phenomenological depictions while reciprocally integrating the others. Invisyllables is dedicated to Moving Space and shows current series of work and collaborations of this internationally acclaimed artist. 

With texts by: Ana María Romano G., Bruno Besana, Chris Chafe, Dong Yeon Koh 고동연, EfeCeEle, Felipe Cesar Lodoño, Geroco, Ingo Reulecke, Jorge Barco, Kim Alpert, Kisso Kim 김기수, Laetitia Sonami, Lee YOO 유리, Liana Zanfrisco, Maria Colusi, Mariela Yeregui, Mikyung Song 송미경, Mimi Jeong, Nicola L. Hein, Rebekkah Palov, Sabine Ercklentz, Sarah Weaver, Seth Cluett, Silke Lisek, Susanna Schoenberg, Stefanie Stallschus, Sue-C, Tatiana Durán 

Text in English, German and Spanish. 

About the Author

As an international time-based media artist, Claudia Schmitz explores boundaries: Limits of perception, real and imagined barriers, liquid processes, body discourses. She explores paradigms of media translation - as a solo artist and in collaborative projects. She uses sculpture, multidimensional drawing, (live) moving image, AI and food - in real space, virtual and augmented reality to explore new forms of sound, space and experience. Exploring socio-urban fabrics, challenging hegemonial perception, sustainability, synaesthesia, identity in virtual and real space, re- vs. interactivity, inter- and transmediality, machine learning, artificial intelligence are main topics of her current artistic research.

By passing through temporary stages, by discarding and re-inventing themselves, her pieces explore oscillating stages of being and non-being, of existence inside and outside the image. Relying on the spectators to trigger them, many of her pieces discuss the extent and possibilities of participation.

22nd Feb 2023
Paperback / softback
World excluding Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the US & Canada
280 mm x 210 mm
272 Pages
105 color
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