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D*Face, Impermanently Permanent

D*Face, Impermanently Permanent

By (author) D*Face


Publishing 1st Jul 2024
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    • The new monograph of the great English urban artist D*Face, bringing together the best of the past four years: murals (on five continents), paintings, lithographs, objects, motorcycles, etc.
    • In France, his two large murals (created in 2018 and 2023) can be seen in Paris along the elevated metro line 6 in the 13th arrondissement
    • A book for urban art enthusiasts, beautifully presented with visible stitching
    • Includes unpublished photographs and stories of an icon of street art
    Full Description

    D*Face, born Dean Stockton, is a British artist known for his distinctive blend of pop art and punk culture in street art. Drawing inspiration from American comics, he creates street art and exhibits globally, contributing to the rise of contemporary street art alongside artists like OBEY and BANKSY.

    The purpose of this book is to give a wider insight into the practice of working within the streets and the public domain. What people most often see of street art is actually the middle point of an artwork’s lifespan, the clean image of a recently finished mural or a freshly peeled sticker but that’s not the whole picture. Not only is there a whole process leading up to the creation of a mural but there also exists a journey of change after work has been left to the streets. Paint fades, tags appear, stickers peel and crack – all these are part and parcel of what it means to work within the street. This book aims to tell that story.

    About the Author

    D*Face, whose real name is Dean Stockton, prominent British street artist known for his unique approach to urban art, is the author of the book. Born in 1978 in London, he has become one of the most prolific contemporary urban artists of his generation. His work is heavily influenced by pop art, drawing inspiration from artists like Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. D*Face's art features dysfunctional characters that satirize various aspects of society, particularly our obsessions with fame, over-consumption, and materialism. His murals and artworks often serve as thought-provoking social commentaries, adding depth and critical perspective to the urban art scene. Over the years, D*Face has made significant contributions to the street art movement. He established StolenSpace, a gallery in Shoreditch, and held his first major London solo exhibition, Death & Glory, in October 2006. His artistic journey spans 17 years, reflecting his evolution as an artist and his ongoing influence on the world of urban and contemporary art.

    Albin Michel
    Publish date
    1st Jul 2024
    309 mm x 246 mm
    240 Pages
    200 color
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