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Diverse Designers of Architecture

By (author) Pascale Sablan


Publishing 12th Aug 2024
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    • GREATNESS: Diverse Designers of Architecture is a groundbreaking book that showcases the exceptional contributions of women and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) architects, highlighting their resilience, creativity, and impact on the built environment through inspiring stories and stunning designs
    • Unprecedented Insight: This book offers a unique exploration of the underrepresented contributions of women and BIPOC designers in architecture, filling a significant gap in architectural literature
    • Educational Tool: With its comprehensive overview of challenges faced by diverse architects and the exploration of various architectural typologies, the book serves as an essential resource for students and professionals alike
    • Global Impact: Highlighting designers and projects from around the world, the book underscores the global significance of diversity in shaping the future of architecture
    • The book delves into how architectural designs have historically contributed to social injustices and how a more inclusive approach can lead to transformative change
    Full Description

    GREATNESS: Diverse Designers of Architecture is a compelling exploration of the contributions of diverse architects to the field of architecture. This book delves into the essence of various architectural typologies, including residential, institutional, and master planning, through the lens of designers from varied backgrounds. It highlights the historical evolution of these typologies and their impact on urban planning and architecture, reflecting a wide range of lifestyles, cultures, and socio-economic backgrounds.

    The book addresses the darker aspects of architectural history, such as housing injustice and redlining, while also celebrating the healing power of design in fostering community well-being and environmental sustainability. It emphasises the importance of community-centric approaches in residential design and the role of architecture in shaping equitable and sustainable environments.

    Featuring global projects, the book showcases how architects and designers worldwide address unique challenges and opportunities, enriching our understanding of architecture’s role in shaping human lives. GREATNESS: Diverse Designers of Architecture is a call to action for architects and designers to create inclusive, sustainable, and responsive environments that foster community, dignity, and a sense of belonging for all.

    About the Author

    Architect. Activist. Visionary. Leader. Audacious Disrupter of the Status Quo. As the 315th living African American woman registered architect in the United States, Pascale Sablan is dedicated to advancing architecture for the betterment of society by bringing visibility and voice to the issues concerning women and BIPOC designers. She lives in New York with her young son.

    All Contributors: Everardo Jefferson (New York); Shantell Martin (New York); Chris T. Cornelius (Wisconsin); Jeanne Gang (Illinois); Damon F. Hewlin (Indiana); Vershae Hite (North Carolina); Yao Xiang Lin (California); Amanda Fuller (North Carolina); Phil Freelon (North Carolina); Teri Canada (Georgia); Marc Johnson (Georgia); Toshiko Mori (New York); Ashleigh Walton (Pennsylvania); Dawveed Scully (Illinois); Ishita Gaur (New York); Samuel Óghale Oboh (Edmonton, Alberta); Annya Ramirez-Jimenez (Puerto Rico and New York); Jason E. Pugh (Illinois); Sika Ella Manteaw (Melbourne); Zena Howard (North Carolina); Gabrielle Bullock (California); Malcolm Davis (North Carolina); Drake Dillard (California); Renata Southard (Maryland); Josh Greene (Arizona); Christian Benimana (Rwanda); Siboney Diaz Sanchez (Texas); Michael Marshall (Washington DC); Ivenue Love-Stanley (Georgia); William J. Stanley III (Georgia); Trevor Bullen (Minnesota); Donna Phaneuf (Virginia); Toto Hu (London); Jennifer Rittler (Ohio); Nina Ebbighausen (Minnesota); Michelle McCovey-Good (California); Emily Ray (Illinois); Wandile Mthiyane (South Africa); Camille Urban Jobe (Texas); Anjali Iyer (California); Tara Gbolade (United Kingdom); Yakuh Askew (California); Amanda Adler (Texas); Kanyanta Chipanta (Australia); Audrey Jo (Jody) McGuire (Minnesota); Gustavo Rodriguez (New York); Roodza Pierrelus (Haiti).

    ORO Editions
    Publish date
    12th Aug 2024
    World excluding USA, Canada, Australasia & Asia (except Japan; China non-exclusive)
    279 mm x 241 mm
    200 Pages
    250 color
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