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Masques Mascarades Mascarons

Masques Mascarades Mascarons

De l'antique aux romantiques

Edited by Francoise Viatte
Edited by Dominique Cordellier
Edited by Violaine Jeammet


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  • A book that crosses boundaries: of interest to art historians, theatre and performing art buffs, historians of classical civilisation
  • A great iconographical source book for those interested in masks
  • An exhibition in Paris, Musée du Louvre, opens June 14th 2014
Full Description
Since Antiquity humanity has masked itself. The mask hides the face, but this very act reveals the presence of a double. The mask gives birth to mystery: it belongs, at the same time, to the sacred and the profane, to truth and vanity, to reality and fiction. The exhibition catalogue presents a vast array of works of art: from the mask of Dyonisus (5th century BC) to Man Ray’s photos, but also Mantegna’s and Callot’s etchings, the watercolours for Louis XIV’s court theatre, the death masks of the Italian and French Renaissance, the Mannerist Gorgon heads sculpted on the parade shields to imitate the petrifying head of the Gorgon on Athena’s shield. The catalogue examines the religious role of the mask in Greek theatre, its expressive, playful and at times diabolical force in feasts, balls and the Italian Commedia, its role in funerary contexts (death mask) and its apotropaic function in burials. It also investigates its uses as ornamental element (large, grotesque masks). Text in French
About the Author
Dominique Cordellier, Francoise Viatte and Violaine Jeammet are curators at the Musee du Louvre.
Officina Libraria
10th Sep 2014
Paperback / softback
World excluding Italy and France
280 mm x 250 mm
272 Pages
121 color, 10 b&w
Name of series
Louvre Exhibition Catalogue
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