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Mi Fu’s Works of Calligraphy

Mi Fu’s Works of Calligraphy

Xuan Paper High-imitation Series of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy

Edited by Cheryl Wong
Edited by Xu Kexin


Publishing 12th Sep 2022
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    • The most significant works in the history of Chinese calligraphy, presented in the traditional format of a handscroll
    • Made from fine quality Xuan paper - flexible and durable
    Full Description

    The classic works of Chinese painting and calligraphy in the past dynasties selected in this series are mainly sketch paintings and corresponding letters, with a size and shape suitable for interior decoration and hanging, as well as easy to copy and appreciate, enabling readers to experience the beauty of traditional Chinese paintings and calligraphy at close range. The series consists of five volumes covering some of the most significant works in the history of Chinese calligraphy.

    This series contains:
    Mi Fu’s Works of Calligraphy: Concern Letter to Mr. Dou; Letter to Linyi Envoy; Letter to My Friend Xisheng; In a Satchel: Letter to Jingwen
    Su Shi’s Works of Calligraphy: Returning Home: Letter to Zhang Zihou; Crossing Sea: Letter to Zhao Mengde; Chance Meeting: Letter to Du Mengjian; Encounter: Letter to Dong Yue
    Works of Calligraphy in the Jin and Tang Dynasties: Lu Ji: Recovery Letter; Yang Ningshi: Leek Flowers; Wang Xun: Letter to Boyuan; Li Bai: Ascent to Yangtai Temple
    Three Greatest Works of Calligraphy in Running Script: Wang Xizhi: Preface to Poems Composed at Orchid Pavilion; Yan Zhenqing: Manuscript of Eulogy to My Nephew; Su Shi: Poem Composed in Huangzhou on Coldfood Festival
    Wang Xizhi’s and Wang Xianzhi’s Works of Calligraphy: Wang Xizhi: Letter to Xie An and Xie Wan, Work of Getting a Letter; Taking Post in Distance: Letter to Zhou Fu; Letters of Recovery, Health Inquiry, and Orange-sending; Wang Xianzhi: Mid-Autumn Festival

    Artpower International
    Publish date
    12th Sep 2022
    285 mm x 180 mm
    1 Pages
    Name of series
    Xuan Paper High-imitation Series of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy
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