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Police mugshot of assassin, on cover of 'The Lee Harvey Oswald Files, Why the CIA killed Kennedy', by Lannoo Publishers.

The Lee Harvey Oswald Files

Why the CIA killed Kennedy

By (author) Flip de Mey


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  • Unique photographs from a detective involved in the investigation; not only a murder investigation, but also a unique portrait of an era
  • De Mey received international appraisal for Cold Case Kennedy - 'Flip has written a very interesting book. I would recommend reading it.' Barry Ernest, author of bestselling JFK book The Girl on the Stairs
Full Description

Lawyer and forensic auditor Flip de Mey has for years studied the files on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. His research, based on the original documents, led to a startling and ground-breaking theory, which he described in Cold Case Kennedy. In a follow-up to that bestseller, The Lee Harvey Oswald Files, de Mey investigates exactly what part Oswald played in the Kennedy assassination. With the same attention to detail that enabled him to prove Kennedy was the victim of a conspiracy, he examines the files and presents new information derived from unique photographs of Oswald’s rifle and contact with two of Oswald’s friends. De Mey’s conclusion is unambiguous: Oswald could not have killed Kennedy. So who did, and why? Flip de Mey’s answers to these questions are shrewd and supported by a multiplicity of arguments. Also available: Cold Case Kennedy ISBN 9789401413961

About the Author

Flip de Mey started his career as a lawyer, but studied further to become a forensic auditor specialising in the unravelling of fraud and other irregularities. His expertise, based on many years of experience, and his specific methods for analysing complex dossiers served him well during the pursuit of his passion: the assassination of JFK.

Lannoo Publishers
20th Apr 2016
World excluding Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Switzerland & Scandinavia
250 mm x 170 mm
400 Pages
10 color, 20 b&w
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