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Red robin perched on tree branch, on cover 'The Life of the Robin', by Pallas Athene.

The Life of the Robin

By (author) David Lack
Introduction by David Lindo
Afterword by Peter Lack
Afterword by Robert Gillmor


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  • A new edition of the original biography of the robin, Britain’s favourite bird, full of surprises and wit and with added postscript on recent ornithological advances
Full Description

The robin was hardly understood when David Lack – Britain’s most influential ornithologist – started his scientific observations. This book is a landmark in natural history, not just for its discoveries, but because of the approachable style, sharpened with an acute wit. It reads as fascinatingly today as when it was written.

About the Author

David Lack, FRS (1910–1973) has been called Britain's most influential ornithologist. Amongst other achievements he developed what is now known as Lack's Principle which explained the evolution of avian clutch sizes in terms of individual selection as opposed to the competing contemporary idea that they had evolved for the benefit of species (also known as group selection); this has been considered a major development in Darwinian evolution His pioneering life-history studies of the living bird helped in changing the nature of ornithology from what was then a collection-oriented field. He was a longtime director of the Edward Grey Institute of Field Ornithology at the University of Oxford.

Pallas Athene
9th Jan 2023
Paperback / softback
190 mm x 125 mm
304 Pages
32 b&w
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