Austin Cooper, Master of the Poster

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Ruth Artmonsky

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Artmonsky Arts
Territory: World
Size: 215 mm x 175 mm
Pages: 100
Illustrations: 95 colour

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Austin Cooper was by chance of birth a Canadian but built his career as a commercial artist in London. Art-educated in Wales and Scotland, he became, in the inter-war years, one of the most highly-respected poster artist in the United Kingdom - one of L.N.E.R's 'elite' five, his name comparable to that of McKnight Kauffer for work for London Transport, and a contributor to Post Office posters for some ten years. He was to become the Principal of the distinguished Reimann School for its short life in London just prior to WWII. He then virtually disappeared from the commercial art world, leading a reclusive life in a frustrated attempt to build a belated career as a 'fine' artist. His 'Making a Poster' book is as valid in its advice now as when it was written in 1938.

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