Cacaform Birds

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Zhu Yingchun

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Paperback with flaps
ACC Art Books
Territory: World
Size: 200 mm x 140 mm
Pages: 294
Illustrations: 196 colour, 358 b&w

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  • A unique and playful new project from the mind behind The Language of Bugs
  • Originally bound with a 'secret' sealed third chapter, the book itself is a work of art
  • Encourages us to find inspiration in every aspect of modern-day life

Step into the world of Cacaform Birds - a world that exists a half-pace to one side of our own, at the confluence of imagination, art and reality.

Within these pages we meet the 'Glowerspite' (often dozes in a supine position; converts its tail to a head when startled) and the 'Mare-away' (who carries a small black troll on its back and rouses dreamers from night terrors), along with many more: a fantastical aviary brought to life by Zhu Yingchun's art. The book contains three parts, the first containing doctored photographs that show these birds interacting with sepia cityscapes, alternately goggled at and overlooked by the passers-by. The second introduces us to each individual species through poetic verse, while the third section must be carefully unsealed by the reader in order to reveal how the Cacaform Birds came into being.

A blend of bestiary, spotter's guide and poetic anthology, this book demonstrates that art and amusement can be found everywhere, if you only care to look.

The Language of Bugs, ISBN 9781851498857, by Zhu Yingchun was awarded silver medal at the Leipzing Book Fair for 'the most beautiful book in the world'. Honoured with many titles, including the 'Chinese Government Award for Publishing' and the 'Outstanding Editor' prize, Yingchun nevertheless credits nature as his sole source of inspiration, and is at his happiest while studying the patterns and rituals of bugs and flowers in his own wild garden. His creations express his inquisitive approach to the world and his belief that every part of nature has a distinctive beauty.

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