Antique Boxes Inside and Out

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Genevieve Cummins

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Antique Collectors' Club
Territory: World
Size: 295 mm x 237 mm
Pages: 439
Illustrations: 1,204 colour, 96 b&w

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  • Antique Boxes - Inside and Out is the first large, comprehensive book on all types of antique boxes from diverse cultures
  • The first book to emphasise contents and usage of boxes and help identify and define the nature of a particular box
  • Includes vast numbers of illustrated examples with beautiful colour images accompanied by concise, readable text
  • Coverage of many unusual, obscure and puzzling boxes, disclosing their stories

Boxes are beguiling because they can have the double delight of an enticing exterior and the anticipation and satisfaction of a fully fitted interior. This comprehensive guide to the decoration, style, use and contents of all types of boxes from diverse cultures is the first book to cover both these aspects. The coverage of decoration and styles of boxes is remarkably complete and includes the traditional, the exotic and the eccentric. Folk art to Faberge, tea caddies to tinder boxes, medicine chests to music boxes, ditty to document, voting to vampire, painting, sewing and writing boxes are just some of the topics that are included. The result is a pictorial treat, the text lavishly illustrated with images of nearly 2,000 boxes. It is a most valuable reference book for the dealer and the collector alike.

Genevieve Cummins has been a collector of antiques for more than twenty years and is co-author (with Nerylla Taunton) of Chatelaines - Utility to Glorious Extravagance, now acknowledged as the definitive book on the subject. Initially she was interested in boxes for needlework but this rapidly spread to an interest in all boxes, especially those fitted for specific purposes.

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"This should [...] be a most valuable reference book for the dealer and collector alike..." Antiques Diary.  Click here to read the full review