Dartmouth An Enchanted Place

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Joslin Fiennes

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Territory: World
Size: 300 mm x 237 mm
Pages: 288
Illustrations: 192 colour, 93 b&w
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  • Explores the extraordinary history of this beautiful English town, accompanied by over 200 illustrations
  • Published in association with Richard Webb

"A touching coffee table addition for those with fond memories of this charming coastal locality" The Global Herald

Painting and sculpture, poetry and adventure, the present and the past, the local and the cosmopolitan, all belong to this exploration of the Dartmouth area. Extraordinary natural beauty is captured in art going back to the 17th century; a multi-layered and often glorious past is discovered behind modesty today. At the end of the road, the area is a springboard to a highway by sea, and modern yachtsmen sail off in the wake of kings and pilgrims, crusaders and explorers, emigrants and invasion forces.

Much of the cultural heritage uncovered in this book is surprising and new. John Masefield, Robert Graves, Flora Thompson and Nevil Shute as well as Agatha Christie were inspired by the Dart; with Queen Victoria came the Prince of Wales and his friends who spawned little-known local inventors of marine engines, motor-cars and gliders. The book displays Lucien Pissarro's pastoral vision and publishes for the first time delicate sketches by Turner; it explores how the same stretch of the Dart inspired the pre-Christian vision behind Bridget McCrum's minimalist modern sculpture and Graves' writing on the same mythology.

Dartmouth: An Enchanted Place is all about looking again at this quiet coastal area - through the eyes of the artists who dress it up and the voices of the historians and writers who write it down. It is about the people who made a unique place and those who have preserved it.

Joslin Fiennes has an MA in Modern Languages from Cambridge University, and a PhD in economics from George Washington University. Early jobs included a stint as sub-editor for Punch and assistant editor for The Journal of Modern African Studies, when living in Tanzania. While in Botswana she published short stories, principally about Africa. She worked for the International Monetary Fund in Washington DC for over a quarter of a century, and this book marks her return to writing. After coming to Dartmouth, she has been a magistrate and school governor and has developed interests in gardening and art. Researching Dartmouth: An Enchanted Place has given her a richer understanding of a much-loved place.

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What the press have said about this book...

"It's not often I have a Wow! reaction to a book, but "DARTMOUTH – An Enchanted Place" by Joslin Fiennes deserves no less a reaction. This is a truly beautiful book, a masterpiece of academic research and a treasure that I know I'll be re-reading over and over until the binding falls apart" Love Dartmouth

“A touching coffee table addition for those with fond memories of this charming coastal locality” The Global Herald

‘It's a beautiful book – entertainingly written, full of interesting facts and lavishly illustrated.’ Su Carroll, Western Morning News

“This book provides a detailed and easy to read history of Dartmouth. Filled with vibrant images, the book is a visual delight” Devon Life

“A unique insight into this coastal town’s setting and history” Dartmouth Lifestyle

“Dartmouth has been a town of kings and princes, pirates and smugglers, explorers and inventors. Artists, writers and poets are part of the town’s rich history. Author Joslin Fiennes has presented us with her sumptuous book on the town and its special place in both time and place. It is packed with pictures and takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride of facts from Chaucer to D-Day and beyond... capturing the people and events which have helped forge the unique identity of the town along the way.” Steve Peacock, Dartmouth Chronicle & South Hams Gazette

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