The Face of Scotland The Scottish National Portrait Gallery at Kirkcudbright

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James Holloway

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National Galleries of Scotland
Territory: World
Size: 167 mm x 247 mm
Pages: 48
Illustrations: 42 colour

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  • Illustrates all works on loan for The Face of Scotland exhibition at Kirkcudbright this summer
  • Offers an insight into the diverse range of portraiture in the collections of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery
  • A wide range of portraits are illustrated, ranging from sixteenth century to contemporary works, in a variety of media
  • Notable Scottish figures range from monarchs and nobility to artists, writers and popular footballs
  • Written by James Holloway, Director of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Scotland has produced an astonishingly high number of men and women whose lives have inspired and changed the world. This book, illustrating just over forty portraits, represents only a few of them, but with Robert Burns and Walter Scott, Eric Liddell and Alex Ferguson, Bonnie Prince Charlie and Queen Victoria, it represents the flavour of the collection at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

James Holloway has been Director of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery since 1997. He trained at the Courtauld Institute at London University and has worked at the National Gallery of Scotland and the National Museum of Wales.