Dale Grant Fading Beauty

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Text by Jörn Jacob Rohwer

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Kerber Verlag
Territory: World excluding Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the US & Canada
Size: 290 mm x 225 mm
Pages: 120
Illustrations: 75 colour

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  • An attractive book full of beautiful images, portraying the life cycle of flowers
  • An ideal gift by international fashion photographer Dale Grant

Dale Grant's Fading Beauty is a collection of photographs capturing the distinctive features displayed by flowers during their life cycle. Flowers all begin life looking rather similar but it is at the moment when they begin to wither and after some time die, that their true individual beauty can be witnessed as the vivid colours of their petals eventually become transparent and muted in tone. Dale Grant sees his images of flowers as portraits and in this direction he sets out to explore life's uniqueness and constant change.