Thinking Tools Design as Process - On the Creation of Writing Utensils

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Klaus Klemp

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Territory: World excluding Benelux, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Laos, Cambodia, Brunei, Maldives and the Far East (except Japan)
Size: 240 mm x 180 mm
Pages: 120
Illustrations: 60 colour

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  • Published to celebrate the anniversary of a brand known around the world - Lamy celebrated 50 years in 2015 - with an annual production of over 7 million pens, Lamy is not only the market leader in Germany but also one of the German designer brands whose products have achieved special status worldwide
  • Includes writing utensils created by famous designers

How are everyday items, such as pens, created? How do you ensure that they have a high practical value, are functional, durable and beautiful? Based on the writing utensils designed by German firm Lamy, this books illustrates examples of the complex design process behind creating a product, including models and sketches by Phoenix Design, Wolfgang Fabian, Sieger Design, Naoto Fukasawa, Richard Sapper or Franco Clivio.

Text in English and German.

The success story of the Lamy brand began precisely 50 years ago with the LAMY 2000: the model created by Gerd A. Müller established the clear and functional design which still defines the style of the Lamy brand products today the Lamy design. Today, Lamy is not only market leader in Germany but has also developed an internationally sought-after designer brand as reflected by its approx. 25 characteristic series and 200 models, its annual production of 7 million writing instruments, its 90 million Euro turnover and its 250 Lamy points of sale worldwide.