A 21st Century Garden

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Georg Grabherr, Traudl Grabherr, Lois Lammerhuber

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Edition Lammerhuber
Territory: World excluding Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, & Belgium
Size: 320 mm x 240 mm
Pages: 368
Illustrations: 304 colour

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  • This is the first book to provide answers on how to turn a domestic garden into a kind of Noah's Ark to rescue endangered species
  • One of the most influential conservation biologists creates his private garden as an ecological gem where the idea of 'nature in the garden' has been realised in exemplary manner - bold and of extraordinary beauty, captured in fascinating pictures by an outstanding photographer
  • The first printing of this book was the winner of the prestigious German Garden Book Prize, the winner of the Golden Pixel Award in Austria and achieved the 3rd place in Book-Nature at the IPA-International Photography Awards in Los Angeles
  • The author Georg Grabherr was voted 'Austrian Scientist of the Year' by the club of Austrian journalists specialising in education and science

Drowning in flowers - with perceptive pictures and quirky texts this award-winning book wants to plant in its readers a longing for beauty, harmony, for the joy of recognition through knowledge. Georg Grabherr, one of the most influential conservation biologists, has created a domestic garden and incorporated key biosphere reserve concepts. Over time, his garden has developed into an ecological gem where the idea of "nature in the garden" has been realised in exemplary manner. He guides us through the phenological seasons that divide the year by the arrival of key species, covers themes dear to the gardener's heart and engages in a dialogue with nature, thoughtfully accepting and using what is wild and spontaneous. He is asking whether the thousands of private gardens can become a Noah's Ark, suitable for rescuing threatened species. Award-winning photographer Lois Lammerhuber has captured this amazing space throughout a whole gardening year and introduces us to an unusual but convincing garden aesthetic.

Text in English and German.

Georg Grabherr is one of the most influential conservation biologists in Austria and beyond and emeritus professor of the University of Vienna. He is chairman of the MAB (Man and Biosphere/UNESCO) National Committee of Austria. He studied biology and earth sciences at the University of Innsbruck, finishing with a summa cum laude grade doctorate. In Innsbruck he pioneered research into the dynamics of alpine ecosystems and the knowledge of alpine vegetation types. He was the first to point out the great importance of clonality in original alpine meadows as well as their great age. The GLORIA project, which he initiated and coordinates, is a leading global monitoring project. Studies on the hemeroby of Austrian forests and the first complete mountain inventory of biotopes in need of protection made Grabherr an internationally sought expert. His research findings have been published in leading scientific journals like Nature and Science. He knows how to combine the position of a top scientist with practical conservation work. In 2011, Georg Grabherr was awarded the Austrian Conservation Prize. In 2013 he received the Republic of Austria's Cross of Honour, First Class, the 'Vorarlberger Wissenschaftspreis' and was voted 'Austrian Scientist of the Year 2012' by the club of Austrian journalists specialising in education and science.