Pan Am History, Design & Identity

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Matthias C. Huhne

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Hardback, clamshell case
Callisto Publishers
Territory: World excluding USA & Canada
Size: 410 mm x 310 mm
Pages: 384
Illustrations: 682 colour, 186 b&w
Premium Edition in hand-crafted collector's case

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  • An unprecedented analysis of the history and strategies that created the triumphant brand whose blue globe symbol retains its cult status around the world although the airline went bankrupt long ago
  • The Premium Edition: packaged in a hand-crafted collector's case and printed with special colours and varnishes

Pan Am: History, Design & Identity is the captivating story of a company that refused to consider anything impossible and single-handedly revolutionised air travel. From modest beginnings in the late 1920s, Pan Am developed into the world's largest and best known airline with astonishing speed and determination. Its rise was accompanied by highly effective publicity campaigns flaunting its services and its many achievements. This volume presents an overview of Pan Am's complex history with new research and documents from the corporate archives. It is an inspired tribute to one of the most influential companies of the 20th century whose iconic designs have remained in our collective memory down to the present day.

Hundreds of images, many published for the first time, were carefully selected not only to create a spell-binding visual storyline to supplement the text, but to allow readers to retrace for themselves Pan Am's brilliant publicity coups, their goals and their results. All images were digitally restored and reproduced true to the originals.

This Premium Edition is a larger version of the book's Standard Edition printed with special colours and varnishes. It comes in a hand-crafted collector's case, which has an attractive cover made from blue acrylic, reminiscent of the airline's logo, and contains some additional images.

Contents: The Beginnings; The Caribbean, Mexico and South America; Alaska; China; Conquering The Pacific; Across The Atlantic and World War II; Reconnecting The World; A Multifaceted Pioneer; Intercontinental Hotels; A New Look For The Jet Age; The 747; Decline; Maps and Statistics; Appendix.

Matthias C. Huhne is a property developer and owner of Callisto Publishers. His primary occupation since graduating from Harvard College in 1989 has been the development of high quality commercial and residential real estate projects. Huhne left his position as project manager with U.S. real estate pioneer Gerald D. Hines to found his own award-winning development company in 1996, and an architectural services firm a few years later. He collects and supports modern art as well as North American native art, and takes a special interest in commercial design and the history of architecture. So far, Huhne's books have received numerous glowing reviews in leading media around the world.