Magic Moments in Florence

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Adriana Silvestri

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Territory: World exc. Italy
Size: 210 mm x 150 mm
Pages: 132
Illustrations: 200 colour

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Eighteenth and nineteenth century travellers to Florence filled their journals with sketches and drawings which, often better than words, managed to capture intense but fleeting impressions, fix curious or unusual sights and highlight the contrast between the monuments of the past and the business of everyday life. Magic Moments in Florence is such a traveller's journal, the result of many visits which the author has made to Florence at different times and under the sway of different moods.

Born in Milan, where she lives and works, Adriana Morabia Silvestri graduated from the Accademia di Brera. She has taught visual education; for nine years she collaborated with Mondadori with texts and drawings. Her work has been shown in solo exhibitions in Milan and collective exhibitions in London, New York and São Paulo; some of her art books are now part of public and private collections. She is currently working on companion volumes dedicated to Rome and Venice.