Hamburg: On the Road Architectural Guides

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Edited by Laura Andreini

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Paperback with jacket
Forma Edizioni
Territory: World
Size: 160 mm x 115 mm
Pages: 192
Illustrations: 82 colour, 60 b&w
Name of series: On the Road

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  • A contemporary guide to the architecture of Hamburg, the purpose of which is to tell about the city through its architectural works
  • The book's jacket opens out into a map marking the locations of the architectural works and interesting sites to visit
  • Includes general information about Hamburg, and useful tips for travellers
  • Each entry includes a photo of the whole building, architectural drawings, a short description, and facts including architect, year of construction, address, website, and how to visit

An introduction featuring three critical treatises outlines the historic and urbanistic profile of Hamburg, allowing the reader to reflect on the evolution of the city and at the same time relate it to the contemporary image of the places.

The selection of 75 projects, organised in 5 itineraries, provides full-immersion in architecture, allowing the reader to dwell on the functional, typological and compositive aspects of the buildings, which are rendered even more legible by images and technical drawings that supplement the descriptions.

The volume also contains useful information and advice which will make it easier and quicker to get around the city, making it possible to capture the essence of the place even in a short visit. This is more than simply an architecture guide: it is also and above all an invitation to travel.

Laura Andreini is Associate Professor of Architectural and Urban Composition at the Architectural Faculty of Florence University, In addition to her design and teaching career, Laura Andreini is renowned for her research and critical studies. She is a member of several architectural magazine editorial boards, has published numerous articles and critiques, and has been guest speaker at a large number of conferences and conventions.